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Lazarus Reborn Redux

After a 3 year ultra-pause, I've got most of the site working again! Radio Modular will start streaming soon too, maybe with some video too.

I've been building a digital rig in my media room to try some digital sound compositional experiments. Here's what's in the rig so far:

Three instruments will feed it:

Key Software:

I've decided against Max/Ableton. Monitoring will be done on the Martin Logan Summit's. I've found full-range speakers to be better for monitoring than nearfields lately. This room is acoustically treated, and has digital room correction to optimize frequency and time alignment at the sitting position.

Here is an early picture of the new media room / digital studio when I started this project in January 2010:

I'm really happy with the custom design of the Harpejji (it matches the continuum fingerboard):

(The Harpejji comes in a few months)

I'm trying to keep a 'death star' feel with blacks, greys, whites, and red so I can crank up some evil self-composing algorithmic evil-empire type music.


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